La corda d’oro primo passo

main character

First Name: Kahoko
Last Name: Hino
Japanese Way: Hino Kahoko
Name (in Kanji): 日野香穂子
Birthday: February 27
Horoscope: Pisces
Height: 162cm (5 feet, 3 inches)
Blood Type: N/A
Family: Mother, Older Sister
School: Seiso Academy
Grade: Second Year, Regular Department, Class 2 (2-2)
Instrument: Violin
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Reiko Takagi
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Personality: She’s a kind and considerate person, who isn’t afraid to put others’ feelings before her own.

She’s a second year in the Regular Department at Seisho Academy. Before she met Lili, she had never played an instrument. She is one of the few people who can see Lili and because of that, she was chosen to participate. Since meeting Lili, her whole world’s been turned upside down. She now is a participant in the concours, which at first, she was really hesitant to participate. Because she’s a ‘normal’ student, many people in the music department weren’t too fond of her participating at first. It was only after the 2nd Selection that everyone was beginning to notice her talent, despite placing last in the 1st Selection.

Name: Lili
Name (in Kanji): りり
Birthday: N/A
Height: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Kaori Mizuhashi
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1

A fairy that helped a man build the school. Can only be seen by a few people. He gave Hino a “magic violin” that’ll let anyone play it if they want to play it bad enough.

He likes to say “No Da” after every sentence

First Name: Shoko
Last Name: Fuyuumi
Japanese Way: Fuyuumi Shoko
Name (in Kanji): 冬海 笙 子
Birthday: November 3
Horoscope: Scorpio
Height: 158cm (5 feet, 2 inches)
Blood Type: A
Family: Father and Mother
School: Seiso Academy
Grade: First Year, Music Department, Class B (1-B)
Instrument: Clarinet
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Akemi Satou
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Personality: She’s quite shy and quiet. With that shyness, she also doesn’t exactly like the spotlight (in other words, the center of attention), so she gets really nervous when that happens. She also get intimiated easily as well.

• Special skills: Dusic dictation (she listens well)
• Food she likes: Seafood and rice casserole, gratin
• Bad with: Guys

The only other female competitor from the school, Shouko plays the clarinet and is also shown to play a little piano from Episode 26. Shouko is a first year at Seisou, a small, slim and extremely shy girl. She is very hesitant and easily intimidated. During the training camp, her vacation house was used, indicating she comes from a very wealthy family. She looks up to Kahoko as a role model and wants to be like her. She and Kahoko are good friends; Shouko even calls her “Kaho-senpai” later in the series.

First Name: Kazuki
Last Name: Hihara
Japanese Way: Hihara Kazuki
Name (in Kanji): 火原 和樹
Birthday: December 12
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Height: 178cm (5 feet, 8 inches)
Blood Type: B
Family: Mother, father, and older brother
School: Seiso Academy
Grade: Third Year, Music Department, Class B (3-B)
Instrument: Trumpet
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Masakazu Morita
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Personality: He is a really upbeat, cheerful, and friendly person. At times, he tends to talk too much (without knowing it) and because he’s so friendly, he also smiles a lot, which encourages the people around him

• Good friends with Azuma Yunoki.
• Never missed a day of school during grade school or middle school.
• Loves to snack on baked goods.
• Former track member. (sprinter)

Kazuki is an energetic third year who plays the trumpet. He is tall and in shape (he runs every morning). He’s very friendly – in an almost aggressive way – and outgoing. He has little sense of social boundary. Kazuki has an enormous appetite, as he is constantly eating (especially baked goods). He quickly befriends Kahoko. Because of him, Kahoko learned the true meaning of music, that it is enjoyed by everyone. After that Kahoko began to love and enjoy music better. In the middle of the series,he starts to call Kahoko “Kaho-chan”, instead of the usual “Hino-chan”, thus suggesting he has a rather obvious crush on her. He also admits to Azuma that he has a crush on Kahoko, saying “don’t make fun of me” when he asked. Basketball is one of his favorite sports. He has an older brother named “Haruki” in the series (Episode 15).

First Name: Keiichi
Last Name: Shimizu
Japanese Way: Shimizu Keiichi
Name (in Kanji): 志水桂一
Birthday: August 26
Horoscope: Virgo
Height: 168cm (5 feet, 6 inches)
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, mother, older sister, younger sister, younger brother (Right now he is staying with his aunt* and uncle)
*Lucathia’s note: The aunt is younger than Shimizu’s parents
School: Seiso Academy
Grade: First Year, Music Department, Class A (1-A)
Instrument: Cello
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1

• Favorite Food: Onigiri (rice balls)
• Interest: Naps and speculation

Keiichi is a first year and is the youngest male competitor. He plays the cello. He is very drowsy all the time and often seems confused or in a daze. Keiichi can be found sleeping anywhere, anytime. Kahoko first met him lying on the ground, fast asleep. His life seems to revolve around music – he tells Kahoko that he sleeps, wakes up, plays the cello, then repeats the process, other than eating and visiting the library – and he loves to play the cello. He enjoys reading as well as studying the history of music and structures of instruments. In time, he becomes interested in Kahoko because of her carefree music.

First Name: Ryotaro
Last Name: Tsuchiura
Japanese Way: Tsuchiura Ryotaro
Name (in Kanji): 土浦梁太郎
Birthday: July 25
Horoscope: Leo
Height: 181cm (5 feet, 9 inches)
Blood Type: O
Family: Father, mother, older sister, younger brother
School: Seiso Academy
Grade: Second Year, Regular Department, Class 5 (2-5)
Instrument: Piano
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Kentarou Itou
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1

• Belongs to the soccer team (position MF)
• In middle school, he was on the soccer team and the track team at the same time.
• His best subjects are science and mathematics

Another second year General Education department student, and one of Kahoko’s closest friends. He and Kahoko met after he ran into her, nearly knocking her down a staircase, saving her in the nick of time. Their friendship eventually grows, and she even confesses to him that she knew nothing about violins. He looks out for her and often helps her. Their relationship is often mistaken as that of a couple by other people in the school and even by Ryotaro’s ex-girlfriend. He is popular among the other students and had the respect of most male students. The female students admire him but find him a little hard to talk to.
Ryotaro is the star of the soccer team, being very skilled at the sport (and even outdoing some third years). He is a very gifted pianist but quitted playing in public because of an unpleasant experience at a junior concert. Kahoko accidentally discovered his hidden talent, and he forced her not to tell anyone. He, however, revealed that secret in public when he helped Kahoko in the first round of the concours by being her accompanist, after which he, as well, was chosen to join the concours. He doesn’t get along with Len, and they often get into disagreements over petty matters. His feelings for Kahoko seem to gradually deepen as the series progresses.

First Name: Len (I’ve seen it spelled “Ren,” but “Len” is the correct spelling.)
Last Name: Tsukimori
Japanese Way: Tsukimori Len
Name (in Kanji): 月森蓮
Birthday: April 24
Horoscope: Taurus
Height: 178cm (5 feet, 8 inches)
Blood Type: A
Family: Mother, Father, Paternal Grandmother, and Maternal Grandfather
School: Seiso Academy
Grade: Second Year, Music Department, Class A (2-A)
Instrument: Violin
Seiyuu/Voice Actor: Kishou Taniyama
First Anime Appearance: Episode 1
First Manga Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1

• Almost everybody in his family is involved with music.
• His best subject is English. Athough apparently he’s not bad in German either.

Len is a surly, quiet and rather cold violinist who normally behaves contemptuously toward and around everyone. He was a child prodigy, coming from a family of renowned musicians. His mother, Misa Hamai, is a very famous pianist and his father is a well-known violinist. Because of this, many people take his brilliance for granted. He seems very cold towards those that he comes into contact with, even his admirers, to whom he rarely pays any attention.
Before he met Kahoko he didn’t believe music was enjoyable, though after spending time with her, Len slowly began to enjoy music and his music changes because of her. He slowly warms up to Hino and even gives her advice on how to hold and stand properly with the violin. People think that he acts harshly towards Hino, but deep down in his heart he is really concerned about her (though he may not show it). As the series progresses, he realizes his feelings for her. He’s slowly affected by Hino and his mother says that he has changed his character. His mother knows that Hino is the one that affected him or changed his personality. He can also play the piano as well, which may be due to the influence of his famous pianist mother, Misa Hamai.


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  1. I love la corda d’ oro prima passo ^_^………..
    its gr8…………

  2. tsuchiura kazuki Says:


  3. i like HIHARA KAZUKI cause he is cute,energetic and friendly daiski!!!!!!!

  4. dakara!!!!!imai!!!!!wa!!!!! minna!!!!!ikatakataka na na natin kung sino ang para sa kanya!!!! ikimasen ka hihara kazuki daiski kowaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. harro!

    umm quick question what about azuma yunoki?
    he is so confusing… -_________-

    • Pratibha.G Says:

      he is kind on the outside but he is mean on the inside!!!…
      he shows his true self in front of Hino and inside he likes her
      he is kind because of his obaasama who wants just to keep up family name………..

  6. es lo maximo

  7. Pratibha.G Says:

    Hi hello i’m Pratibha and i live in India
    I LOVE La corda d’oro very much
    ou can email me to this id-
    I really want to learn Japanese
    I even watch Tsubasa Chronicle…..
    I really Have an interest to learn Japanese language..
    so please…..
    i do know some words…..cha!

  8. mary anne delo santos Says:

    kazuki pls. meet with me

  9. Almightyash91 Says:

    I love kazukiiii
    he’s too cool n childish……;-)

  10. len i love you pls ask me to marry me isay yes………and kazuki nice hair…kahoco i wacht everyday your show……i am a big fan of lacorda.

  11. Amit kumar patel Says:

    This show is unique

  12. where’s azuma’s profile?

  13. kiiro-chan dono Says:

    i like hino kahoko and others as well…………………<3

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