Ginban kaleidoscope

With $10 billion worth of beauty (or so she says), Sakurano Tazusa is a contestant for the selection of the Japanese representative at the winter Olympics’ figure skating competition. However, her ability is questionable in the eyes of the media and public, as she constantly falls during critical moments in her competitions. During a particular fall, at the same time, a Canadian teen by the name of Pete Pumps perishes as an accident occurs during an air stunt. Before being allowed to pass on into the after life, Pete possess’ Tazusa supposedly for a hundred days, living on in her body. Despite the discontent and anger Tazusa faced having her body and privacy invaded by this Canadian ghost, she moves her focus onto improving herself in hopes to be selected for the Olympics. Based on the novel by Kaibara Rei.


A 16-year old Japanese figure skater known for her sharp tongue. She is on bad terms with the media and the public because of her attitude and string of bad luck in competitions.
Her goal is to compete in the Winter Olympics in Torino (Turin, Italy). At the beginning of the series is possessed by the ghost of Pete Pamps and while she initially hated him, she gradually grew to accept his constant presence in her life and grew even more to love him.
While possessed, she picked up the habit of eating tomatoes, because her possessor Pete hates tomatoes and using masochism, since Pete can share Tazusa’s pain to keep him in line. She has an unlucky tendency to sleep. In the anime, she describes herself as a “$10 Billion Dollar Beauty.”

A 16 year old Canadian stunt pilot who died when his stunt plane developed mechanical trouble and crashed in a fireball. As a ghost he needs to wait 100 days before he can go to Heaven (his date of ascension is February 23rd) and inadvertently ends up possessing Tazusa.
Pete likes Tazusa and tries to help her improve her public image and succeed in being selected for the Olympics. Though Tazusa at first doesn’t agree with him and ignores him, he eventually wins her over and she starts to get to know him better, and it was him who gave her the “waitress on ice” performance. Pete kisses her in his ghost form and seems to love her in return.

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  1. I love dis anime ^_^

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